jueves, 16 de noviembre de 2017

The Logic of Time: from Aristotle to Computer Science

el martes el martes 21 de noviembre da una charla Davide Bresolin en el aulario López de
Peñalver de la Universidad de Málaga (frente al Clínico), en el aula 12A2 de 9:00 a 14:00. 


This short course will explore that continuous thread which connects the
discussion about time in philosophy with the modern use of temporal logic
in computer science. It will go through the history of temporal logic to
show how ideas developed by ancient and medieval philosophy have been
rediscovered in modern times and applied to solve relevant problems in
computer science.

Part 1: An historical perspective on temporal logic

• Synthesis: the nature of time is a central issue of classical and
    medieval phylosophy
• Downfall: in the Renaissance the subject loses
    interest and is removed from the philosophical discussion
• Rediscovery: in the 19th and 20th centory temporal logic become a central
    issue again

Part 2: Time in Computer Science

• Algorithms, states and computations
• Imperative programs and Reactive programs
• Temporal Logic for Computer Science: CTL and LTL
• The satisfiability problem
• The model checking problem

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