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The formal argument of the Neutral Realism

New Realism is a theory according to which all sorts of things can be real, but have no unified groundfloor on which they are, connect or take place.

The formal argument is the following:
(1) To exist means to appear in a field of sense. (2) If the world exists, it must appear in a field of sense. (3) There are many fields (ontological pluralism) (4) There are no objects outside of the world, the world is a totality. (5) What appears in a field of sense, is an object. (6) Objects are always this-or-that (ontological descriptivism) (7) Objects as such, are objects that do not exist under specific description. (8) There are no objects as such. Objects only exist in fields. (9) The world cannot be the field of all objects at all, because they would then exist against their own definition under the description, that the relevant world-field individuated. (10) As a consequence it could only be a field of fields. According to (4), the world must be the field of all the fields. (11) If the world exists there must be a field of sense for the world itself. There would be a description on that understanding everything exists that there is, also the world itself. (12) Such a description does not exist.
∴ The world does not exist.
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