miércoles, 5 de agosto de 2015

Qué es el CARP?

Center for Advanced Research in Phenomenology, Inc. c/o Thomas Nenon, President Department of Philosophy | University of Memphis | Memphis TN 38152 | USA

A thinker who is situated within the Western tradition must say with Edmund Husserl, “How can we avoid it…we are the functionaries of humanity.” The Center for Advanced Research in Phenomenology, Inc. accepts this responsibility and seeks actively to further the effort it entails. Husserl also valued the mutual respect and support to be derived from philosophers, scholars, and scientists working together in a community of common ideals and purposes. He further remarked, “To be human at all is essentially to be a human being in a civilization that is united socially and generatively.” In this spirit we of the Center undertake to perform the tasks and services described herein.
The Center was founded by José Huertas-Jourda, Lester Embree, Fred Kersten, Giuseppina Moneta, and Richard Zaner in April 1971 and was first headquartered at Wilfrid Laurier University. Initially they were concerned to preserve the papers of phenomenologists who had taught in North America, but soon their interests and concerns broadened, as the following narrative shows. Today the Center uses all means to foster, extend, and deepen phenomenology and kindred continental thought in philosophy, the social sciences, and the humanities wherever it can…

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